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July 19 2018

Engraved Wood and Resin Tables Glow With Maps of International Cities

Warsaw-based company Woo Design engraves aerial views of major international cities like New York, Paris, London, and Munich into wooden coffee tables left raw or filled with resin. The designs are built with three layers to give a complete view of each city, with specific segments that reveal its streets, building tops, and waterways. In several of the company’s designs the resin embedded in the table glows a bright blue or green, adding a luminous element to the table’s surface. Woo Design’s tables are currently available through their website and Etsy. You can follow along for more updated cities and designs on their Instagram.


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July 17 2018

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Taken by Chris Holmes while swordfishing off the coast of Nova Scotia
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July 16 2018

July 15 2018

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July 14 2018

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"Ob Links- oder Rechtsterrorismus - da sehe ich keinen Unterschied!"
"Doch, doch", ruft das Känguru, "die einen zünden Ausländer an, die anderen Autos. Und Autos sind schlimmer, denn es hätte meines sein können. Ausländer besitze ich keine."
— Marc-Uwe Kling

July 11 2018

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